LEFEBVRE Eloïse : Miniaturized endoscopic probe dedicated to real-time histopathology

Résumé de thèse :

The project aims to design a miniature probe enabling real-time Raman histopathological diagnosis for early detection of epithelial cancers. Current diagnosis involves taking a suspicious tissue fragment (biopsy) and analysing it under a microscope after staining it (histopathology). This analysis typically takes several weeks, causing anxiety and delaying appropriate therapy. Our endoscopic probe would eliminate this time-consuming step, enabling real-time histopathological diagnosis on the patient.

We propose a new approach combining the latest Raman microscopy techniques with the latest advances in high- resolution 3D additive glass synthesis for assembling miniature fiber probes. This will be the first endoscope for real- time Raman histopathology.

This doctoral project is being carried out at the PhLAM laboratory specializing in optical fiber design, in partnership with Lightcore Technologies, a company that markets next-generation micro-endoscopes and microscopes.


Doctorant : LEFEBVRE Eloïse

Directeur de thèse : KUDLINSKI Alexandre, CASSEZ Andy