Novel opto-fluidic drug delivery system for efficient cellular transfection

This groundbreaking project represents a significant advancement in medical technology, leveraging the disruptive potential of vapor nanobubbles for precise and efficient delivery of macromolecules and nanoparticles into both mammalian cells and microbial biofilms (Fig.1). By harnessing the mechanical force generated by nanobubbles around gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) under intense laser pulses, this innovative approach offers promising applications, including anti-cancer cell therapy, enhanced cell labeling and visualization techniques, and targeted treatment for chronic wound infections.

Furthermore, the innovative techniques and discoveries made in the course of this project have led to the successful acquisition of patents and the establishment of a spin-off company, Trince, in Ghent. The patenting and licensing of these technologies, as exemplified by the patent publication (K. Braeckmans et al. WO2020221883A1, 2020), and its application by “Trince”, has illustrated in Fig. 2, not only validate the project's scientific and commercial viability but also pave the way for its translation into tangible medical solutions that could potentially revolutionize healthcare practices worldwide.