An international reference in topological photonics

The group of Alberto Amo has been pioneering in studying topological properties of photonic bands. His contributions to the field cover the first laser in a topological edge mode, the first observation of topology in orbital bands, Dirac cone engineering, pseudomagentic fields for photons and the development of analog quantum simulators for Floquet topology in a photonic lattice.

The group has published a number of review articles with some of the founders of the field. These articles have become standard references in the introduction of many works related to topological photonics. These review works include:

  • T. Ozawa et al., Topological photonics, Rev. Mod. Phys. 91, 015006 (2019). With about 2000 citations it is the second most cited work of the University of Lille since 2019.
  • D. D. Solnyshkov et al., Microcavity polaritons for topological photonics, Opt. Mater. Express 11, 1119 (2021).
  • H. Price et al., Roadmap on Topological Photonics, J. Phys. Photonics 4, 032501 (2022).

In addition, the group has co-organised 2 international workshops and 2 topic sessions at CLEO-EQEC Europe since 2018