ASAPANNA Rajesh : Topological photonics in the coupled ber rings

Résumé de thèse :

Topology focuses on studying the invariant properties of physical systems that remain unchanged under smooth distortions. These properties, closely tied to the system's symmetries, give rise to robust particle propagation channels that are resilient to disorder. In the field of photonics, these concepts have been leveraged to create on-chip topological photonic circuits, enabling highly efficient light propagation. This project seeks to experimentally investigate the topological properties of synthetic mesh lattices using a coupled fiber ring system. We have successfully implemented this system and set up a unique method to measure the band structure of the lattice. This system will make it possible to access a regime in which topological properties appear thanks to the temporal modulation of the lattice. Our objectives include uncovering new topological phases for light in one- and two-dimensional multiplexed networks, determining their topological invariants, and assessing the resilience of these phases in the presence of optical nonlinear effects. One planned project involves experimentally demonstrating the impact of deviations from perfect periodicity in periodically- driven systems (Floquet systems) on the decay of topologically protected end states. Another project aims to investigate the thermodynamic processes resulting from photon-photon nonlinear interactions in this photonic system. This thesis contributes to expanding the research endeavors of the ERC Consolidator EmergenTopo project, which focuses on studying the topological properties of photonic networks.

Doctorant : ASAPANNA Rajesh

Directeur de thèse : AMO GARCIA Alberto