DIOUM Bakhao : Manipulation and Characterisation of Multimode Quantum Light in Photonic Systems

Résumé de thèse :

Quantum information science provides new ways to encode, transmit, and manipulate information in ways not possible with classical technologies. In particular, quantum communication and the distribution of information in a quantum network can be implemented efficiently using an orthogonal set of broadband optical pulses: Photonic Temporal Modes (PTM). PTMs offer a promising approach to quantum information processing and quantum metrology due to their flexibility, quality, and reliability.

However, manipulating PTMs without destroying the encoded quantum information poses a significant challenge. Although techniques such as the quantum pulse gate (QPG) have been developed to address this challenge, a genuine temporal mode filter is currently missing. Such a tool would enable sorting temporal modes while preserving their carrier frequency and original time-frequency shape, therefore preserving the orthogonality.

To address this, we propose the original idea of “temporal cavity” as the temporal equivalent of spatial mode-cleaner cavities. Our method leverages mode-dependent resonances for effective demultiplexing of the modal content of multimode pulse in terms of temporal Hermite Gaussian modes.

Doctorant : DIOUM Bakhao

Directeur(s) de thèse : Giuseppe PATERA