Séminaire "Quantum Information and Quantum Computing": Giuseppe Patera (Maître de Conférences, PhLAM)

phlam Vie du laboratoire Séminaire DYSCO
La "Maison de la Simulation" et le groupe de travail "Quantum Information and Quantum Computing" vous invite le 4 juin à 14:00 à un séminaire donné par Giuseppe Patera, Maître de Conférence au laboratoire PhLAM. Lien Zoom: https://univ-lille-fr.zoom.us/j/92604000850?pwd=NDlCVk5FY0tBcHA1cVVEM2svQWJRQT09 Titre:  One-way quantum computation in the optical frequency comb Résumé:  One-way Quantum Computation (QC) is an equivalent (but still universal) alternative to the circuit model of universal QC. One-way  QC  starts  from  a  "cluster  state", an entangled qubit lattice which contains all the entanglement that can ever be needed by a quantum algorithm. It then proceeds solely by single-qubit measurements which inform feed-forward unitaries on the lattice neighbors. In this presentation I will review few basics facts about one-way quantum computation and I will discuss its physical implementation in the domain of quantum optics by means of combs of frequencies.

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