Séminaire du laboratoire PhLAM : Dr. Clément HAINAUT, Laboratoire PhLAM, Out-of-equilibrium phenomena in 2-dimensional quantum systems

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CERLA, Amphithéâtre Pierre Glorieux

Dr. Clément HAINAUT (Chargé de Recherches CNRS, UMR8523 - Laboratoire PhLAM)

Titre: Out-of-equilibrium phenomena in 2-dimensional quantum systems


Two-dimensional quantum systems pose intricate problems due to their distinct density of states and connectivity, amplifying the significance of thermal and quantum fluctuations compared to their three-dimensional counterparts. In this seminar, I propose to start by discussing general examples of these challenges that originate from the physics of phase transitions in solid-state materials. Following that, I will provide a broad overview of how various types of quantum gases can be used to tackle these issues. Subsequently, I will introduce the approach we have adopted at the PhLAM laboratory. This approach involves the unique combination of cutting-edge Polariton semiconductor microcavities with ultrafast bidimensional optical measurements for the exploration of these two-dimensional physical phenomena.

Lien pour s'inscrire: https://evento.renater.fr/survey/seminaire-du-laboratoire-phlam-17-novembre-2023-dogifm3r

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