Team leader

Lecturer DYSCO team leader & Scientific Advisor of the Photon4Bio Platfor

Permanent members


Researcher DYSCO team


University Professor DYSCO team

University Professor DYSCO team (made available)

Lecturer DYSCO team

University Professor DYSCO Team

Lecturer DYSCO team

Professor Emeritus DYSCO team

University Professor DYSCO team

University Professor DYSCO team & Head of the Reinforced-Research course

Lecturer DYSCO team

University Professor DYSCO team and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)

University Professor DYSCO team (detachment)


Lecturer DYSCO team

Lecturer DYSCO team leader & Scientific Advisor of the Photon4Bio Platform

Research Engineer Responsible for the Photon4Bio Platform, DYSCO team and Technical Director of PhLAM

University Professor DYSCO team & Deputy Director of PhLAM

Engineer of studies Photon4Bio Platform, Prevention and DYSCO Team

Researcher DYSCO team

Lecturer Photon4Bio Plateform, Prevention and DYSCO team

Engineer of studies DYSCO

Emeritus Research Director DYSCO team


Invited Professor DYSCO team


Researcher DYSCO team

Lecturer FTTH Plateforme and DYSCO team

Emeritus Professor DYSCO team

Post-docs and CDD

CDD Researcher DYSCO team

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CDD Researcher DYSCO team


CDD Technical Engineer DYSCO team

CDD Rsearcher DYSCO team


PhD students