Mechanics & Electrotechnics

The laboratory staff assigned to the Mechanics and Electrotechnics workshop consists of 1 permanent staff (AI):

  • 1 Assistant engineer: Gauthier DEKYNDT

G. DEKYNDT (IE Assistant), is responsible for the design of most of the mechanical components of laboratory projects.


Assistant engineer Mechanics & Electrotechnics 

The Mechanical workshop develops services for the four experimental teams services in the fields of micromechanics, microfluidics, optics, vacuum, high pressures.

The work of the cluster is coordinated with the other technical services of the laboratory. The studies are done on CAD software, they allow the design, the simulation, the drawing of the scientific devices.

The Mechanical workshop has machine tools with numerical control and traditional for the realization of metal and plastic parts.
With 3D Polymer Printers, many scientific devices include fiber-reinforced ABS or nylon parts.
Shears, rollers, folders, punch presses allow sheet metal work, a TIG welding machine completes the park.

The production of series or parts or operations that can not be carried out by the service are entrusted to private companies or to the Inter-establishments Mutualized Workshop for Teaching and Research (Ecole Centrale Lille).






Some achievements

Photonics team, FiberTech Lille platform "OVD building burner":
Supply of 6 inert and reactive gases in a thermalized enclosure.




Molecular Physics Team at the interfaces "Cellular Cornet Antenna":
3D: Transmitter and receiver waveguide in 10 μbar for microwave spectroscopy.




Team of Cold Atoms, "K-BEC project":
Vacuum chamber and magneto-optical trap for handling Potassium atom.