Cold Atoms

Laser Cooled Atoms Physics

Composed of 9 permanent members (1 PR, 4 DR, 2 MCF, 1 CR and 1 IE), the team has a wide range of activities in the field of cold atom physics and beyond.

She is a leader in the development of quantum simulators to study Anderson's transition.

Its activity extends from theoretical works to collaborations with the industrial world.

Experiments on cold atoms are deeply related to theoretical work and share common developments with nonlinear optics and telecommunications operations.

Team news

Lasers have an important place in Science-Fiction movies, but how is it in reality?

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The last column "Ramène ta science" of February 12 with Daniel Hennequin on France Bleu Nord.

Adam Rançon (Atomes Froids team) mentioned in the article in La Recherche magazine

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"Do you dream of playing boomerang with particles? Quantum mechanics did it!"

Report on the Atomes Froids team by France Bleu Nord

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1h in Daniel Hennequin's laboratory