LEMAIRE Morgane: Selectivity and trapping of gaseous mixture in gas hydrates in the presence of impurity: studies by vibrational spectroscopy and thermal desorption.

Thesis Summary: Gas hydrates are crystalline compounds where a cage made of water molecules encapsulates gas molecules. They represent an industrial interest, from their impact on geohazards, the capture and storage of CO2 and their potential presence in astrophysical bodies (Mars, Titan, etc ...). The aim of this thesis is, on the one hand, to form gas hydrates under extreme astrophysical conditions (low temperatures and low pressures). And on the other hand, to study the impact of sediment mineralogy on the selectivity and kinetics of mixed hydrate formation.

LEMAIRE Morgane - morgane.lemaire[chez]univ-lille[point].fr 

Thesis supervisor: CHAZALLON Bertrand
Co-supervisor: DESMEDT Arnaud Desmedt (ISM- Université de Bordeaux)