SEPTIER Dylan: Double clad hollow core fibers for nonlinear microendoscopy.

Thesis summary : The development of nonlinear microendoscopes is a key point for life science and medicine. These new devices, which combine the advantages of endoscopy and nonlinear imaging, are indeed well suited for the early diagnostic of cancers or for real time monitoring of surgery acts in hospitals. Their current performances are however not high enough to allow their integration into clinic environment, despite the demonstration of several proof-of-concepts devices in the literature. Several technological breakthrough are still missing in that view. One of them deals with the endoscopic optical fiber used for (i) deliver intense ultrashort pulses required to excite the nonlinear response of the biological tissue and (ii) efficiently collect the nonlinear signal generated from the sample et bring it to the detection channel. Current optical fibers do not fully meet the challenging standards required for nonlinear imaging. Our goal is therefore to develop a new type of double clad hollow core optical fiber optimized for this task. The design will be done with numerical tools already available at PhLAM and the fiber fabrication and optical characterization will be performed at the University of Lille FiberTech technological facility. Once the fibers will be fully characterized and post-processed, they will be used by the Mosaic team of Institut Fresnel Marseille to develop a brand new generation of multimodal nonlinear microendoscopes. SEPTIER Dylan - dylan.septier[chez]univ-lille[point]fr

Thesis supervisor : KUDLINSKI Alexandre
Co-supervisor : BOUWMANS Géraud