RODRIGUEZ MACHINE Carla Thais: Capture et échange du CO2 par cristallisation d'hydrates.

Abstract: Natural gas is the fossil fuel with the best environmental characteristics for energy production compared to oil and coal. Natural gas hydrates distributed evenly around the world are an important methane energy resource that can be up to twice the energy of all fossil fuels combined. The idea of using CO2issu from the combustion processes of industrial plants as an aid to the recovery of natural gas in hydrates and its simultaneous entrapment could lead to carbon-neutral production. The thesis project focuses on the fundamental study of factors controlling the selectivity of gas trapped in clathrates hydrates for the separation of CO2issus combustion. The aim will be to study the kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of formation of gas hydrates formed from gaseous mixtures. The effect of additives on the stability conditions of these hydrates will also be studied. The aim will also be to determine the efficiency of the exchange mechanism (thermodynamic and kinetic) between CO2 and gases trapped in natural hydrates with a view to sustainable storage and stabilization in a natural environment. recovery of natural gas trapped.

RODRIGUEZ MACHINE Carla Thais - carla-thais.rodriguez-machine[chez]univ-lille[point]fr - 06 12 86 92 27 - 03 20 33 64 93

Thesis supervisor: CHAZALLON Bertrand
Co-supervisor: PIRIM Claire