MOULET Hélène: Cell death initiated by singlet oxygen: highlighting long-range effects.

Abstract: Singlet Oxygen (102), the first excited electronic state of dioxygen, is the major cytotoxic agent in dynamic phototherapy. We used direct optical oxygen activation to make a quantitative link between the production rate of 1O2 and cell death. In tumor spheroids, which reproduce in vitro the geometry of tumors, we highlight long-range cell death that can not be explained by the direct action of 1O2. This death is due to the 1O2 produced within the spheroids but outside the cells. We have set up an experiment that allows us to spatially control the production of 10O outside the cells. Long-range cell death in these experiments involves the presence of secondary reactive oxygen species.

Finally, certain death modalities are favored from a therapeutic point of view, among other things, to limit the inflammatory response. We have set up an in vitro experiment that allows us to observe different death patterns depending on the production rate of 1O2 and the exposure time.

MOULET Helen - helene.moulet[chez]univ-lille[point]fr

Thesis director: COURTADE Emmanuel
Co-supervisors: ANQUEZ Francois and TREIZEBRE Anthony (IEMN)