HURBAIN Julien: Control of cell fate with oxidative stress.

Thesis Summary: A living organism in general and a human cell in partical are constantly exposed to various stress of stress. These stress typically induce diverse response ranging from adaptation, senescence, apoptosis, necrosis, dedifferentiation or transformation. The topic of the thesis is to better understand the stress pattern and the intracellular mechanisms that « decide » the response and the fate of the cell, with in fine the aim to elaborate strategies to control cell fate by monitoring the stress. We will focus on the case of oxidative stress which impacts the cell at many levels of the metabolism and which can therefore play a critical role in the cellular decisions of death, proliferation and differenciation of both healthy or cancerous cells.

HURBAIN Julien - julien.hurbain[chez]univ-lille[point]fr

Thesis supervisor: PFEUTY Benjamin
Co-supervisor: ANQUEZ François and THOMMEN Quentin