HAIDER Kawssar Mujtaba: Role of organic waste reactivity on the formation of secondary organic aerosols.

Thesis summary : It is now well known that agriculture contributes through its activities to air quality related issues at local, regional and global scales. It is characterized by significant emissions of ammonia and greenhouse gases but also through volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are precursors of atmospheric aerosols and ground-level ozone, and thus contribute to the impact on health and ecosystem. The objective of this thesis project is to assess the role of organic waste products (OWP) - currently used as a substitute for mineral fertilizers for agricultural land - in the formation of secondary organic aerosols (SOA), which constitute a significant fraction of atmospheric particles whose sources remain poorly identified. The study of SOA formation represents a priority for atmospheric science research at national and international levels. To study these processes, ECOSYS and PhLAM laboratories will, for the first time, (i) study VOC emissions from different types of OWP, (ii) their reactions with ozone, (iii) their oxidation products, (iv) their potential SOA formation and (v) the chemical composition of the newly formed SOA.

HAIDER Kawssar Mujtaba  - kawssarmujtaba.haider.etu[chez]univ-lille[point]fr

Thesis supervisor : FOCSA Cristian
Co-supervisor : CUIRARU Raluca (INRA-ECOSYS) and PETITPREZ Denis (PC2A)