DUCA Dumitru: Physico-chemical characterization of particulate emissions from internal combustion engines

Thesis summary: This thesis is part of the European project H2020 PEMS4Nano (Portable Nano-Particle Emission Measurement System, www.pems4nano.eu). Current European standards target the measurement of particles emitted by automotive engines up to 23 nm. This project aims to extend these measurements in the field of sizes 10-23 nm. To do this, a systematic and thorough characterization of the physicochemical properties (morphology, nano-structure, chemical composition) is necessary. This thesis benefits from numerous sampling campaigns on a gasoline engine with direct injection (Bosch, Germany) and an important analytical environment, in particular in terms of mass spectrometry (laser and secondary ions), vibrational spectroscopy (Raman and IR ) and electron microscopy and atomic force. The database thus constructed serves as input and validation for a comprehensive theoretical model developed by the University of Cambridge (GB).

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Thesis supervisor: FOCSA Cristian
Co-supervisor: PIRIM Claire