BULOT Patrick: Study and realization on fibering tower of optical fiber sensors for extreme environments.

Thesis summary: Thesis work focuses on the realization of fiber optic sensors used in extreme conditions. These works are divided into two major parts. The first part concerns the functionalization of optical fibers to make them sensors operating at high temperatures up to 800 ° C. This functionalization is done either by the inscription of Bragg grating sensors with a femtosecond laser, or by the doping of optical fibers by nanoparticles to better exploit Rayleigh backscattering in optical fibers. The second part of the thesis focuses on the mechanical protection of optical fibers with coatings resistant to temperatures up to 470 ° C. The application of this coating is by dip-coating on short sections of fiber of a length of 20 cm containing Bragg gratings. This deposit is also performed on sections of fiber of a hundred meters by working on fiber drawing tower.

BULOT Patrick - patrick.bulot.etu[chez]univ-lille[point]fr - +33 (0) 3 62 53 15 61

Thesis supervisor: DOUAY Marc
Co-supervisor of thesis: Guillaume Laffont