BERTHIER Antoine: Impact of new generation biofuels on emissions from aeronautical engines.

Thesis Summary: Impact of Next Generation Biofuels on Aircraft Engine Emissions Summary: The growth of air transport and the potential impact of aircraft emissions on climate and air quality have motivated the development of a new generation of biofuels to reduce these emissions. Until now, only non-volatile particulate matter (nvPM, typically soot) has been taken into account when evaluating the performance of these fuels. In addition, only the number of particles and their mass are used as part of the certification. In this thesis, we plan to use a liquid fuel laboratory burner (CAST) to study the emissions of different aeronautical fuels beyond the number and size of nvPMs, adding their physico-chemical properties, their hygroscopicity and their reactivity. In addition, we propose to carry out specific experiments to evaluate the formation of volatile particulate matter (vPM, in the form of liquid or mixed aerosols) in the engine exhaust for each fuel studied. The planned work will be essentially experimental, but there will also be the possibility of developing modeling activities related to the formation of vPMs in the engine exhaust.

BERTHIER Antoine - antoine.berthier[chez]onera[point]fr

Thesis supervisor: FOCSA Cristian
Co-supervisors: DELAYE D. (ONERA Palaiseau) et ORTEGA I. (ONERA Palaiseau)