The laboratory staff assigned to the Instrumentation cluster consists of 2 permanents staff:

  • 1 Engineer of studies : Laurent HAY
  • 1 Technician : Ahmed RESFA

In Instrumentation, L. HAY is in charge of the projects of the various research teams. Coordination with the electronic workshop and the mechanical workshop involves pooling this set of skills. A. RESFA completes this activity with skills in vacuum techniques. 

Engineer of studies Instrumentation
03 20 43 47 82

The Instrumentation Division is involved in the design of instruments dedicated to experiments, the search for instrumental solutions and the production of innovative prototypes in various fields.

The pole ensures the pre-definition of the instrumentation from the beginning of the experiment. He is involved in the study, adjustment and development of experimental devices in various fields of engineering techniques such as optics, mechanics, pressure and fluidics. It contributes to the choice of sensors, to the definition of the system of acquisition of the physical data to be converted into a measurable electrical quantity, then to the shaping of this data as well as its storage. It defines control systems and human / machine interface to manage the acquisition and storage of physical data.






Some achievements

INTERREG project "BIOSENS" : Design and implementation of a biosensor for the detection of pathogenic elements and the monitoring of treatments in the phytosanitary field.

Plasmonic bench.


Dynamic group of complex systems: Automation allowing the "photoporation" of the cells of a culture box.



CPER project "Photonics for Society": Development of a 3D light sheet microscope (SPIM) and 2 axicons.



3D microscope.

Tablecloth of light.

Double axion device and its ring.

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