Electronics and Micro-computing

The Electronics and Micro-computing Cluster has 4 permanent staff (2 ITA, 3 ITRF):

  • 2 Engineers of Studies: Hervé DAMART and Jean RODRIGUEZ,
  • 2 Technicians: Michel GAMOT and Thierry ROBIDET.



Former(s) Member(s)

The cluster produces specific equipment dedicated to research experiments.
He ensures the conception and the realization from specifications.
It also tracks the electronic and computer equipment of the laboratory.

The electronics workshop interacts with the various technical, administrative and scientific centers of the laboratory.
It covers part of the needs of the research teams and contributes to the development of their experiences necessary for their work.
The role of the workshop is to accompany the researchers. Based on a set of specifications defined and discussed with them, the electronic pole produces and develops devices used on research experiments.




Interactions with other services








Some realizations

Mechanical prototyping (here: sensor support to the 3D printer).

Realization and test of electronic circuits.

CMS placement material, CMS card and inspection.

LEDs for fluorescence microscopy of biological cells.