In progress

Pilote project I-SITE OVERSEE2019-2022
PRCI ANR-DFG: CompRIXSPIs: A.S.P. Gomes @PhLAMC. Jacob @ Uni. Braunschweig2020-2022
GDR SUIE2019-2022
GDR NBODY2019-2022
GDR Solvate2018-2023
CEA Marcoule PhD A. FailaliCEA Marcoule2017-2020
CEA Saclay PhD H. OherCEA Saclay2017-2020
GDR CORREL2010-2020
GDR EMIE2010-2020


GDR CORREL2010-2019
GDR ThéMS2013-2018
NEEDS TEMPO (IRSN/CNRS) TEMPO "ThErmodynamics of PlutOnium Molecules"PI : V. Vallet, F. Réal, A.S.P. Gomes ; Collab. F. Virot (IRSN Cadarache)2017
ANR PARCSPI: J. Mascetti (ISM, BordeauxLCPQ Toulouse2013-2017
France Canada Research Fund "Development and application of new quantum methods on strongly correlated molecule"Collaboration PhLAM (V. Vallet, A. Severo Pereira Gomes, F. Réal) & McMaster Uni. (P. Ayers, K. Boguslawski, P. Tecmer)2015-2016
PICS project: "Toward accurate theoretical modelling of environment effects on electric spectra of actinides in the condensed phase (AcSpectra)".PI : A. S. P. Gomes ; Collab. Pr. L. Visscher (VU Amsterdam), Pr. C. Jacob (TU Braunschweig)2014-2016
TALISMAN European Research network2 Joint Research Activities2014-2016
PCMI "Chemical Reactivity and Photodissociation"F. Dayou (LERMA)2015
NEEDS (CEA/CNRS) MIROIR "Multiscale modeling of RadiOnuclides to InteRfaces"PI : V. Vallet, F. Réal, collab. M. Masella, D. You (CEA Saclay)2014




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