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February-March 2019

Former PhD students

Thesis: -
Thesis supervisor:  SEVERO PEREIRA GOMES André 

CEO of Cooltrip 
Thesis supervisors: DUFLOT Denis, TOUBIN Céline

Postdoctoral researcher at  CEA Saclay
Thesis: Theoretical and Experimental Approach Towards Generation of Thermal Scattering Law for Light Water
Thesis supervisors: LEAL L. (IRSN Fontenay-aux-Roses) REAL Florent, VALLET Valérie

ATER à l'University of Lille
Thesis: Computational Actinide Chemistry: Structure, Bonding and Thermodynamics
Thesis supervisor AYERS P. (McMaster Uni), SEVERO PEREIRA GOMES Andre, REAL Florent, VALLET Valérie

Permanent researcher at CEA Marcoule
Thesis: Study of plutonium (IV) in solution by coupling theoretical and experimental approaches
Thesis supervisor: GUILLAUMONT D. (CEA Marcoule), REAL Florent and VALLET Valérie

Eric Postdoctoral researcher at the LCAR Institute (Toulouse Uni.)
Thesis: Influence of water ice on the spectroscopic and energetic properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Thesis supervisor: SIMON A. (LCPQ, Toulouse), TOUBIN Céline

Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Gothenburg.
Thesis: Molecular modeling of aerosols
Thesis supervisor: DUFLOT Denis, TOUBIN Céline

Postdoctoral researcher at JAEA, Japan
Thesis: Quantum modelling of Ruthenium chemistry in the field of nuclear power plant safety
Thesis supervisor: LOUIS F. (PC2A University of Lille), SOUVI S. (IRSN-Cadarache), VALLET Valérie

PhD Students

Thesis: Molecular Modelling of organic phases after Plutonium extraction.
Thesis supervisor: REAL Florent
Co-directeur de thèse: VALLET Valérie, GUILLAUMONT Dominique (CEA Marcoule) and ACHER Eleonor (CEA Marcoule).

Thesis summary...

Thesis : -
Thesis supervisor: SEVERO PEREIRA GOMES André

Thesis: Unravelling the atmospheric iodine chemistry using molecular simulations
Thesis supervisor: DUFLOT Denis
Co-supervisor: TOUBIN Céline and LOUIS Florent (PC2A)

Thesis summary...

Thesis: Theoretical core spectroscopy of molecules interacting with ice surfaces
Thesis supervisor: SEVERO PEREIRA GOMES André
Co-supervisors: TOUBIN Céline

Thesis summary...

Thesis: Molecular properties in the linear response regime and beyond with relativistic equation of motion coupled cluster
Thesis supervisor: SEVERO PEREIRA GOMES André

Thesis summary... 




Thesis: -
Thesis supervisor: DUFLOT Denis
Co-supervisor: TOUBIN Céline (IMT Mines Douai)

Former post-docs

No information

Post-doct at the IRSN de Cadarache

Post-docs in the D. Zgid group, University of Michigan, USA

Researcher at the Center for Research on New Technologies (CeNT Warsaw University)