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A group from the laboratory PhLAM contributes to unveiling new localisation mécanismes in quasi-periodic lattices.

Combined theoretical and experimental work published in Nature Physics unveils a novel mechanism through which...

Florin Constantin from PMI team is co-author of an article published in Nature.

Test of quantum electrodynamics and determination of fundamental constants with cold trapped HD+ ions.

Alessandro Furlan and Laurent Héliot co-authored an article in the journal eLife (IF 7.5).

They elucidate the role of the MET receptor in the processes of cell death and survival.

A publication of PCMT team makes it to the cover of International Journal of Quantum Chemistry.

Chemical bonds scrutinized by the methods of topological analysis of the electronic density, a study that...

The article "Turbulence-Induced Rogue Waves in Kerr Resonators" by DYSCO in Physical Review X.

Optical experiments reveal a chaotic behavior in light waves that give an idea of the mechanisms of appearance...

PCMT article covers ACS Earth and Space Chemistry.

An article published by researchers at PhLAM and IMT Lille Douai SAGE is on the cover of theEarth and Space...

The last publication of PCMT honored by Physical Review Letters.

The publication "Predictive simulations of ionization energies of solvated halide Ions with relativistic...

Gas-Phase Chemistry in Space: From elementary particles to complex organic molecules.

Autors :

  • Sébastien LE PICARD
  • Ludo...

The works of Denis Duflot highlighted in the collection "SOLEIL Highlights 2017".

The publication "Absolute photoionization cross section of the C60 + ion" recorded by Denis Duflot was...

Chemical characterization of complex surfaces being honored by the Publisher of RCMS.

Successful collaborative working between PhLAM and PC2A laboratories through the CERLA made the Rapid Commun....

Controlling symmetry and localization with an artificial gauge field in a disordered quantum system.

Abstract of the article 1382 published in Nature Communications volume 9 April 11, 2018.

Single-shot measurement of phase and amplitude by using a heterodyne time-lens system and ultrafast digital time-holography.

Abstract of the article published in Nature Photonics volume 12 page 228-234 March 12, 2018.

Focus on FiberTech Lille in Photoniques magazine 05.04.2018.

FiberTech Lille is appearing in the heading focus page 35 Photoniques Special EOS Issue 2 magazine entitled...

In physics, a famous paradox is hanging on by a fiber ...

Researchers from the Photonics team and the Cold Atoms team have just taken a step in understanding the...

"Slow light in saturable absorbers: Progress in the resolution of a controversy" in Physical Review.

Large audience presentation of the article "Slow light in saturable absorbers : Progress in the resolution of...

Laser Dynamics


  • Pierre GLORIEUX (PhLAM)
  • Thomas ERNEUX (Free...

The Topology of Chaos


Lasers: Course and exercises corrected


  • Véronique ZEHNLE (PhLAM)
  • Daniel HENNEQUIN (PhLAM)
  • Di...

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