Awards and Recognition


DUCA Dumitru: The Jean Bricard Prize awared by ASFERA during the 33rd French Congress on Aerorols.



THLAIJEH Siveen: The EANA19 Award at the 19th meeting of the Association of the European Astrobiology Network.

DUCA Dimitru: Trojan Horse award of the Swiss Association Doctors for Environmental Protection.

MAKHLOUF Sandy: Le prix Best Poster Prize lors de la Journée de la Recherche Lille 2019.



DUCA Dumitru: The prize for the best oral presentation at the annual plenary meeting of the GDR SUIE.

KUDLINSKI Alexandre: The Fabry - de Gramont Prize of the French Optics Society (SFO).

FURLAN Alessandro: The young researcher's award from the Hauts-de-France region.

IRIMICIUC Stefan: The thesis prize "International Research in Science and Technology" of the Lille Nord Doctoral College.

PANADÉS-BARRUETA Ramón: The poster price of the PCCP newspaper of the IMAMPC congress.

KERVAZO Sophie: The 1st Jury Prize and the Public Prize at the Regional Final MT 180 seconds at the Hotel de Region.



EVAIN Clément: The Jean-Louis Laclare prize awarded by the Accelerator division of the French Physics Society (SFP).

ROUSSEL Eléonore: The International Young Investigator Award of the Free Electron Laser Conference (FEL conference).

AL HELOU Nissrine: The price of the RADECS poster.

NOBLE Jennifer: The title of "Junior Distinguished Member" of the Société Chimique de France (SCF).



HENNEQUIN Daniel: Roberval Prize "Favorite of the media" attributed to the collective work Light in light: from photon to internet.



MUSSOT Arnaud: Named junior member at the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).

GARREAU Jean-Claude: The Leconte Prize of the Academy of Sciences.



HENNEQUIN Daniel: The Jean Perrin Prize of the French Society of Physics (SFP).

HENNEQUIN Daniel: The KEZAKO project was designated Grand Prize in the Higher Education category at the Educational Technologies Trophies at the Educatec-Educatice Fair-2013 Edition.



HENNEQUIN Daniel: Prize for the best short film 2012 at the Festival du Film Universitaire Pédagogique.



DEMAISON Jean: The international Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck Prize.

VALLET Valérie: The CNRS bronze medal.



HÉLIOT Laurent: The CNRS Crystal Medal.



ROBBE Jean-MichelSpecial Prize of Science Society.



GLORIEUX Pierre: Appointed Senior Member at the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).



GLORIEUX Pierre: Grand Prix Special Science Society.



GLORIEUX Pierre: The CNRS silver medal.



DESTOMBES Jean-Luc: The Aimé Cotton Prize of the French Society of Physics (SFP).



DESTOMBES Jean-Claude: The Wicar & Hagelstein Award from Société des Sciences.

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