The Spotlight section on Physical Review E is proposed by the editor to highlight an emerging theme published in PRE

These weeks, soliton gases and integrable turbulence are in the spotlight. These complex phenomena emerge in nonlinear wave systems described by integrable equations such as the one dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation or the Korteveg De Vries equation. These equations are universal and describe many physical systems (unidirectional waves in optical fibers, in hydrodynamics for example). The challenges of this research are both fundamental (role of coherent structures such as solitons in turbulence) and applied (non-linear telecoms). The DYSCO group is a pioneer in these studies, both experimentally and theoretically. The spotlight on Physical Review E brings together articles co-written by Stéphane Randoux and Pierre Suret as well as their close collaborators (Andrey Gelash, Dmitry Agafontsev) and their former doctoral student (Alexey Tikan).