The PHC - GdS Project in collaboration with EPFL, honored by the French Embassy in Switzerland

Measuring time with lasers, when French and Swiss researchers join forces.

Extract from the testimony of Arnaud Mussot, physicist specializing in lasers:

"The PHC - GdS project (Hubert Curien - Germaine de Staël Program) with EPFL (Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne) aims to create a new laser source to be able to measure different optical frequencies. This new laser source is a comb of frequency of different equidistant colors. The laser beams produced by these new sources are very useful for measuring optical frequencies which are used for the measurement of time, and in general for improving ultra-precise measurements, as for example, in autonomous cars (developed in the European research project "MEFISTA"). These lasers are also used, for example, for the detection of pollutants."