"Bring back your science" with Daniel Hennequin on France Bleu Nord.

Meet every Sunday at 7.41 am and 2.45 pm ...

Meet every Sunday at 7.41 am and 2.45 pm for the "Ramène ta science" section with Daniel Hennequin on France Bleu Nord.

This is a weekly popular science column that lasts about 2 minutes and is broadcast every Sunday.
This section deals with various science subjects of everyday life, but also subjects more related to the region, with reference to historical anecdotes and research results from laboratories in the region.
Daniel Hennequin works in coordination with the promotion department of the University of Lille, the communication department of the University of Lille and the regional delegation of the CNRS.

The first episode aired on September 6 was about how the internet works.
Daniel Hennequin told us about electromagnetic waves and light, the interest of using light to achieve high flow rates.
He took the opportunity to refer to regional research on optical fibers, and therefore, obviously, to PhLAM.

The radio section is podcasted on the France Bleu Nord site, and on the Ramenetascience.fr site.