IBM Q-2021 Workshop to get started with Quantum Computing programming (copie 2)

10:00 - 12:00
Amphithéâtre Pierre Glorieux (CERLA)

This workshop is organized by IBM and the Maison de la Simulation of Lille University.

To register check the workshop website:

Organisateurs : 


The training is composed of two tracks:

  1. A common introductory lecture to these two tracks will be given on Monday (10:00-12:00)
    Presentation of IBM Quantum Computing
  2. A discovery track: Monday and Thursday afternoon (14:00-16:30) (identical sessions) for a brief introduction to the qubit model and an overview of the interaction with the quantum computers (construction and execution of simple quantum circuits on simulators and computers).
  3. A programming track: 4 sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday mornings: 9:00-12:30) to acquire the basic knowledge of quantum computing (paradigms of quantum computing, qubit model, operators, circuit, first quantum algorithms) and to practice Python programming and the Qiskit library, to get the basic knowledge to continue in this field.  
  • QC#1: qubit model
  • QC#2: Getting familiar (IBM Q Experience)
  • QC#3: Qiskit/Python
  • QC#4: Quantum Algorithms, Qiskit modules

You are free to join the track(s) you are interested in.

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