20 years of the PhLAM (1998 > 2018) !

05 Nov 2018 08:00 - 18:00
Ferme Beck Eeckelstraete puis au village de Godevarwelde

Born in 1998 from the fusion of the Laboratory of Molecular Dynamics and Photonics (LDMP) and the Laboratory of Hertzian Spectroscopy (LSH), PhLAM has grown considerably over the years to become "an important laboratory for local physics and one of the structuring poles of the North of France" (Extract from the HCERES 2013 report).On November 5, 2018, the laboratory of Physics of Lasers, Atoms and Molecules had the pleasure of celebrating its 20th anniversary by organizing a meeting with former members and directors of the laboratory.

Marc Douay opened the day with the director’s word, followed by the history of the laboratory by the former directors and the presentation of the different research teams and their themes. The lunch was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere at the Flemish Farmhouse of Beck Farm in Eeckelstraete.

This anniversary day continued in the heart of Flanders in the village of Godevarwelde to participate in a fun challenge around traditional Flemish games. Eight teams were confronted friendly to the Flemish ball called "the bourle" and the archery on vertical pole. We concluded this day with a pot of friendship followed by the awarding of prizes to the winners.

We would like to thank:
All PhLAM members who contribute every day to the functioning of the laboratory, its development and its influence.
The former members of the laboratory for their presence.
The speakers at the conference for their investment:
Marc Douay PhLAM director, Joël Schamps former director of LDMP, Bruno Macke former director of LSH, Jean-Michel Robbe former director of LDMP and PhLAM, Adbelmajid Taki head of DYSCO team, Valérie Vallet and Céline Toubin responsible for the PCMT team, Bertrand Chazallon head of the PMI team and its members Cristian Focsa, Patrice Cacciani and Laurent Margules, Pascal Szriftgiser, head of the Cold Atoms team, and Arnaud Mussot, head of the Photonics team.
The Beck farm staff for its welcome.
The Lille agency Arcade events for organization and supervision.

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